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October 12, 2005



OMG I LOVE reading your entries. You should win an award I say. This cracked me up. Hear hear!!! I had a costco membership at one point, when I had a broke boyfriend living with me. It was one way to actually feed him without going broke. Everything in bulk. And yeah, it is SO easy to believe you actually NEED 45 lbs of perogies. hehe. I totally burst out laughing when they said 'you can walk there' cuz I too imagined, well, dang, you can't even walk from the cash to your car, everything you buy there is so HUGE. Sheesh. And those parking lots! I am so sorry that is your new neighbor. Thank god mine is FAR away, and my grocery store mostly has these tiny little shopping carts smaller than most people's strollers, since we all buy and then WALK home. :D

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