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September 26, 2005



I personally can't stand Oprah. She is a snot, and she seems to get more racist and backwards as the years go on. Maybe it's just me, but it appears that way.


Who is Brooke?

I donno, I mean if I want smut about ppl's emotional family stuff we got Springer, everything else is the same only dressed up a bit diffrent. I just don't get why you would EVER go on a show like that. Now Ms. O she, like Martha, has done some respectalbe notable things... but they also have done other things that weren't. In the long run I don't care... I got a life don't need theirs or someone else's...

Ok maybe I need someone else's but I like the blogging world of looking into ppls life and ideas better.


Thanks for your rant - I stuck it on my blog, you said it so much better than I ever could! I was starting to think that I was the only Oprah show hater out there...


Just thought I would mention here that many people have emailed me about this and said, "I thought I was the only one who hated Oprah."

"I hate Oprah" has been and remains the top google search for visitors who come through google and other search engines to my blog.

We are not alone!


What an awesome post. I, too, found your blog through an "I hate Oprah" search on Google. :)

Hate is such a strong word for me, though. I guess I should say she annoys me to the point that I want to stick a red-hot poker in my ear when her minions start praising her.

I didn't start disliking Ms. Harpo until the whole "A Million Little Pieces" debacle. What really irritated me was the fact that she sat there and endorsed James Frey's work on "Larry King Live" and then turned right around and eviscerated him in front of her congregation--I mean audience.

I think that Oprah has a way overblown sense of self, and she thinks everyone should love her and think she's great, because she's OPRAH. People have kissed her ass way too long and I'm so glad that I'm finding others who feel the same way I do!

I too used to think that I was the only one who hated Oprah until I found this blog while googling 'I hate Oprah'. What you say is very true! I find it extremely fake and shallow when she has those shows about losing weight, where she puts overweight people on the screen and humiliates them, and in the next show she is hunting for the best pastries and cakes ever with her crazy friend Gail. She promotes all kinds of fatty, unhealthy food and then she has a show about how to dress so that you look skinny and how to hide all the fat by dressing cleverly. It is absurd the way the messages in her shows actually contradict each other. Arrrgh, and I hate that psychiatrist Robin who is on her show! She gives people the most ludicrous kind of advice! I think Oprah is a conceited, hedonistic hypocrite.



Paulina Kay

Anyone here that does not like even a piece of Oprah has serious serious issues. Oprah is the only one finnally educating this country that it is reluctant to do it; seeing you all gives me the reason why great empires always fall


Wow, sounds like you do hate Oprah and sounds like you hate her just because a lot of people like her. if that's not a shallow reason to hate someone I don't know what is. I guess its only natural for people to tear down someone who is trying to do good. Instead of seeing the person for their virtues they twist them into vices. I don't watch Oprah but I have the sense to acknowledge the positive force she is in the world. I don't see any of you getting off your duff and helping anyone other than yourself.

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