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I am a thirty-five year old mom of twin boys named Naim (NAH-yim) and Aaron. I am a single mother by choice and live in the suburbs of a city in the Northwest. I have a disability. I am legally blind and have a severe hearing impairment and some minor kidney disease. I have a Master's in Education and have worked in several school and hospital settings, mostly working with children with severe or multiple disabilities. I have also worked in two major universities on disability-related, grant-funded research projects.

Right now I am working as an in-home CNA for my dear friend and adoptive father of my children, DW, who is quadriplegic. I have been working for him on and off since 1994. I am also attempting to start my own business in publishing and educational research.

I used to have an online journal called Some Little Wing at It was anonymous and I pimped the site for traffic and had a small "fan base." Although I welcome any of the old readers back, this site is for me, my children, my close friends and family, and anyone else who happens on by and who may be interested in my story. I'm not looking for an audience and am not going to actively pimp the site. Having children has been a long, and hard-fought dream come true for me and I have so many thoughts about it that I need to capture in writing.

Since you've found me, it must be for a reason?? Welcome and I hope you enjoy the site. Let me know if I can do anything to help make your visit here more informative or enjoyable.


figure skating, progressive politics, independent media, children, civil rights and liberties, disability issues, environment, sustainable living, homeschooling, Unitarian Universalism, organic and local produce cooking, fitness, nature